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July 9, 2014 / Rodrigo Chiolas

Oracle error – CursorFetchMapTerminationRTV20007

Some days ago, when executing an OWB package, i’ve encountered the annoying CursorFetchMap error, more specific the CursorFetchMapTerminationRTV20007.

This problem its not exclusive from OWB, it can appear on views, procedures, etc. Usually it’s followed by an ORA-0xxxx error code, and  an error message, e.g. “ORA-01722: invalid number”.

There’s not an exact formula to resolve this problem, but we can follow some tips to find the problem.

The approach depends on the error, the 2 most commons are:

  • Invalid number
  • Invalid date ( the error can vary, for example, invalid month or invalid year)

Invalid number

Occurs when the database its expecting a specific decimal and/or thousand separator, and it gets another.

  • When converting from a varchar2 to a numeric, add NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS to the to_number() function, e.g.:
    to_number( value ,  '999G999G999D999999' ,   'nls_numeric_characters='',.''')

Invalid date

Occurs when the database it’s expecting a specific date format and it gets a different one.

  • Check the NLS_DATE_FORMAT
  • When converting from a varchar2 to a datetime, check the NLS_DATE_FORMAT of the to_date() function, e.g.:
    to_date(ds.process_date ,  'yyyymmdd' )

Hope it helps,


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