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July 9, 2014 / Rodrigo Chiolas

OBIEE – Creating dependent presentation variable


Sometimes we need a presentation variable that depends on other variable, and probably must be hidden from end-users.


First we create a dashboard prompt with a presentation variable, that should display the available options to end-users.

Next  another dashboard prompt with a second variable, that depends on the first. Use SQL Result, like this example:

SELECT case when '@{p1}{P Type}'='P Type' then '"Products"."Product Type"' else '"Offices"."Department"' end FROM "Test"


SELECT distinct "Calendar"."Month Num"  FROM "Test" where  "Calendar"."Month " = '@{m1}'

Now hide the second dashboard prompt. We can:

1. Use a section with condition set to false

2. Use Custom CSS Style: display:none

3. Dashboard properties variables

– Edit the dashboard

– Go to “Dashboard Properties…”

– In ‘Filters and Variables’ add the second dashboard prompt


Finally, when we need to use the second variable, we should add the first variable as a hidden column on the analysis, so the visible dashboard prompt can refresh the second variable.





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  1. someone / Apr 22 2016 3:37 pm

    WORKED Well. super

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