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April 29, 2013 / João Mateus

Why Business Intelligence?

“..What you don’t measure, you can’t manage..”

Is a common quote on the area. There has never been so much competition in business has we have nowadays. Companies have to be more efficient and effective in order to stay in business and improve their margins. Business Intelligence is one way to reach that goal. As you can read in this Gartner article, a 7% increase on revenue in the area is expected – companies realize the value that Business Intelligence has to offer.
During one session on Business Intelligence at SQL Saturday #188, Rui Quintino went a little further and talked about the term KPIIS (Key Performance Improvement Indicators). Companies need to have much more than just indicators, they need indicators that show them  information as close to real-time as possible to help them to improve. What is the value of a report saying that we have had our house robbed last month? We need that information in time, in order to take the appropriate measures.
Our team has a large experience in a broad set of technologies connected to Business Intelligence and with this Blog, we will share some of our knowledge and publicize, whenever is possible, our work.
You may expect technical posts about some technologies, as well as our comments on some trends.
Stay tunned

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